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A Bit About Me

I grew up surrounded by holistic and alternative medicines, and a spiritual approach to life- with a father who used energy healing, and a mother who always had a fully stocked drawer with Bach Flowers, homeopathic medicine, essential oils, or similar natural remedies.

Growing up, my “plan” was to finish studying in a bilingual college in Geneva, before moving on to study psychology at University. As ever, life had its own way- I felt that I wanted to pursue a path in complimentary and natural therapies, so college felt like quite the waste of energy and time, but I pushed to try and complete my college studies first, so as not to worry my mother (a diploma is important, if not essential in some countries), pushing to the point where I ended up with a  severe burn-out at 17 years old.

My mother, being the most supportive parent ever, found a compromise to try and help (as I was literally only weeks away from my final exams): I would try to power through the last few weeks, and she would pay for Reiki classes to help support my mental health in the meantime.

And so, I went to study for the first Level in Reiki. After the course, I came home as.a completely different person: happy, secure and confident that I had found my life’s passion, relaxed and with no burn-out, or stress in sight. My mother looked me in the eyes for a few moments, before saying that the following day she would call my college, and inform them that I’d be dropping out- and she did just that. I got a part-time hospitality job, and continued my studies, receiving my Reiki Master diploma just under a year later. 

This is probably a good moment to quote Rapunzel, as Mother really does know best!

I moved on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine In Switzerland, but sadly had to put it on pause after a year as I moved to London, and Covid slowed things down; picked up studying again after 2020, and a few courses later, here we are!







Bach Flower Remedies - Practitioner Certification

Cupping Course for Massage Therapists

Holistic Massage Therapy with the Richdales Institute in London

Massage of the 5 Continents - Certification as a Practitioner and Massage Teacher

Reiki Master Diploma, Geneva

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